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<dedhed> Hey Grifter: what color shirt are you wearing
<Grifter> she touched my peppy steve
<com4_> stupid punker
<Grifter> blue
<dedhed> So we don't get any more of this "You're Twins!" bullshit
<dedhed> Fuck
<dedhed> I wanted to wear my blue shirt
<com4_> and his lack of reading docs
<Grifter> haha
<Grifter> i wore green yesterday
<Grifter> and i'm not ironing the red one
<dedhed> I don't want to wear my black one, it'll be all hot
<Grifter> yeah
<dedhed> Fuck em
<Grifter> just wear blue
<dedhed> I'll wear my blue one
<dedhed> They aren't even the same color
<dedhed> Goddamn clients
<dedhed> thinking they're funny
<Grifter> fight the power
<Grifter> for $85/hr they can tell us we fuck little boys the whole time we're working for all I care
<dedhed> Excellent point
<Grifter> hurry up