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<dedhed_> Well, Oddly enough
<dedhed_> The Lawn is mowed
<dedhed_> I'm so confused
<dedhed_> Cause it wasn't mowed last night when I left
<dedhed_> and it was dark
<dedhed_> So either some sort of benevolent "Night Fairy" mowed the lawn
<dedhed_> or something strange is going on
<dedhed_> actually, now that I think about it
<dedhed_> It's more likely a Lawn Fairy
<dedhed_> Because I think it's assumed that fairies operate at night
<com4_> i think it would be gnomes over a fairy
<dedhed_> you think?
<com4_> i don't see a fairy mowing a lawn
<com4_> a gnome on the other hand
<dedhed_> Would they then be Night Gnomes, or Lawn Gnomes?
<com4_> lawn
<dedhed_> hrmm
<dedhed_> And they hang out at Wal-Mart during the day?