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< stderr> lol Occupy SLC occupying the Diamond Fork hot springs on Saturday
< GIJoe> I guess they had to take a bath eventually

<tierra> if I was up there with a couple women, I probably wouldn't be calling any of you to come up
<stderr> that's because you're selfish and I have an anime-inspired imagination
<tierra> you do?

<tierra> wow... 802.11 b/g/n usb adaptors now come in nano-size flavor
<tierra> I can't imagine that wifi range could be great with something that small though
<firefly> good thing it isn't powered by your imagination then

<PenguinMan98> awww, where's your sense of dependency and entitlement?
<mheath|work> I think my ex took that with her in the divorce

<AceMcStud> I've never seen weekend at Bernies
<eco> It's fucked up.
<stderr> *awesome
<eco> Yes. It's fucked awesome.
<AceMcStud> oh, so like home Alone
<stderr> It's pretty much what I'm planning for Adam's funeral.
<eco> Yeah
<AceMcStud> hell yeah
<AceMcStud> josh, how'd you know?
<stderr> I just _know_.
<AceMcStud> one last party for me to enjoy vicariously from hell
<eco> Except instead of a weekend adventure in Miami it'll be a bottle of lube and candles.
<stderr> corpses can't be choosers.
<stderr> (or say no)
<AceMcStud> how about a hunting lodge? you can use my cadaver to convince some hunter he killed me
<stderr> hmmm, hunting lodge in the winter, in the mountains...
<stderr> freeze your corpse overnight outside then use it as a snowboard
<AceMcStud> that works too
<AceMcStud> make sure I'm wearing cool shades when you do that though
<stderr> on your belly with your head looking up and grin meticulously crafted onto your face
<AceMcStud> I'm sorry I'm winning our weewar game btw
<AceMcStud> I got a little carried away
<stderr> I want my body chopped up an... HOW DARE YOU
<AceMcStud> well I feel like I let myself down
<AceMcStud> you know how I feel about competition between friends
<AceMcStud> I didn't want to just roll over of course, but I guess I was a little too focused on putting up a fight in the game and lost sight of what really matters: friendship
<AceMcStud> I'll start losing again if you want
<stderr> oh stfu

< gibba> my biggest weakness in cod has always been staying alive.
< gibba> i'm too quick to run into unsurvivable situations and don't check my 6 enough.
< gibba> i can kill like a motherfucker, but its terribly hard for me to get a good ratio
< tardhat> well whenever they release call of jihad youll be pro

< stderr> I wish something bad would happen to Orson Scott Card but then he wouldn't be able to embarrass himself with any new novels
<&eco> His column is far more embrassing.
<&eco> Even my mom thinks he's a bit of a nutjob.
< stderr> yea
< stderr> Oh c'mon Orson
< stderr> Democrat my ass
<&eco> Is "democrat" a sex verb I'm unaware of?
<&AceMcStud> maybe when you're older
<&eco> Because it sounds almost like you are writing OSC erotica.
< stderr> only in church
<&AceMcStud> the "democrat" is when you give up on fucking 3/4 of the way through because you don't want to offend anyone

<&eco> We movin' at the speed of light!
<&eco> Such a good song.
< stderr> illuminate, the path we movin on
< stderr> (it's the speed of "life" btw)
<&eco> Boy is my face red.
< stderr> maybe you have the flu
<&eco> Nah, I just can't understand what black people are saying.
< stderr> haha
<&naitsirhc> hey fuck you
<&eco> Come again?

<gibba> eco: any complaints about your droid so far?
<eco> There isn't a place to stick my penis.

<tierra> man, CSS3 adds some insane pseudo class selectors
<tierra> any type of parent-sibling-child relationship you can think up is in CSS3
<stderr> "Kentuckian" ?

< influx> I'll come mow your lawn.
< influx> For $20.
<@stderr-> there are cheaper mexicans
< influx> But all they do is mow the lawn. I'll yo your math homework for you too.
<@stderr-> that's what the Indians are for.
<@com4> lies. that's what asians are for
<@com4> indians are for outsourcing your work projects
<@com4> assuming you mean the dot kind
<@com4> the feather kind are for sellin' liquor to at a high price
<@stderr-> well it's not like a native american can count otherwise they wouldn't have thought the reservations were a good idea

<naitsirhc> how does this hacking thing work
<AceMcStud> you put on rollerblades, welding goggles, and hot-glue circuit boards to your leather jacket
<naitsirhc> no, in fallout

< epp_> anyone still ride sportbikes here?
< stderr> Nah I have a penis.

<stderr> they used Luminol on a bathroom wall? fucking amateurs.
<stderr> bleach and feces both react with Luminol too
<stderr> hurr durr hurr
<Harmadillo> but you could discern blood splatters probably.
<Harmadillo> Or things that appear to be blood splatters.
<stderr> you ever eaten a burrito?

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