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<Kagi> enough ET for now...
<dedhed> ET is so addictive
<dedhed> With his big googly eyes, and that glowing finger
<dedhed> How can you resist?
<Kagi> yea, but it's not like CS. I'm playin with a ton of morons
<dedhed> So.. how is it not like CS?

--> dedhed (~dedhed@ has joined #ut2600
<dedhed> Bleh
<com4_> you're a fag
<dedhed> I've heard rumours to that effect
<com4_> i heard you started the rumours
--> odd1ty ( has joined #ut2600
<dedhed> That rumour, you'll find, is false
<odd1ty> no it's not. your totally gay.
<odd1ty> wait... what are we talking about?

<kenny`> any font whores in here?
<dedhed> I'd poke influx
<dedhed> But I don't think he's awake
<dedhed> and I mean I'd poke him for fonts
<dedhed> ... err.. that still doesn't sound right

[10:59] <kampf_wk> A/S/L
[10:59] <kampf_wk> 54/F/Cleveland
[11:00] <com4> :)
[11:00] <com4> i like older ladys
[11:00] <com4> don't wear a bra
[11:00] <kampf_wk> c'mon over here big boy
[11:00] <com4> so your boobs stretch your boob skin out
[11:00] <com4> and sag
[11:00] <com4> that's sexy
[11:00] <kampf_wk> oh, you're nasty
[11:00] <kampf_wk> i should spank you
[11:01] <com4> i've been a bad little boy mamma
[11:01] <kampf_wk> ooh, you love it when mama spanks you

<Olds> can't wait till I own a house with no homeowner's association
<dedhed> me too
<kampf_wk> me three
<dedhed> Then we can fly our gay pride banner 24 hours a day
<Olds> yea...
<kampf_wk> yeah, reprazentin'
<kampf_wk> Poopcok fope life
<Olds> faggotry HoLLaH!

<Olds> gah
<Olds> I wish I knew german
<paleck> why
<Grifter`> so he can understand his scat videos

<kampfie> holy shit
<kampfie> this Charles Bronson movie has Marina Sirtis in it
<veruus> fap
<kampfie> these movies are best watched on mute
<veruus> with the door locked?
<dedhed> and tissues
<dedhed> lots of tissues
<veruus> truckloads

<proto> <3
<influx`> yes... less than three, less than three, less than three. :)
<Animeguy> i'm lost
<influx`> ask for directions
<KillrSpud> <3 is a wonderfull range of numbers
<KillrSpud> it makes my heart flutter with delite
<Animeguy> I get it now, i'm such a fag
<KillrSpud> a fealing of universial love just fills the air

<dedhed> Hey Grifter: what color shirt are you wearing
<Grifter> she touched my peppy steve
<com4_> stupid punker
<Grifter> blue
<dedhed> So we don't get any more of this "You're Twins!" bullshit
<dedhed> Fuck
<dedhed> I wanted to wear my blue shirt
<com4_> and his lack of reading docs
<Grifter> haha
<Grifter> i wore green yesterday
<Grifter> and i'm not ironing the red one
<dedhed> I don't want to wear my black one, it'll be all hot
<Grifter> yeah
<dedhed> Fuck em
<Grifter> just wear blue
<dedhed> I'll wear my blue one
<dedhed> They aren't even the same color
<dedhed> Goddamn clients
<dedhed> thinking they're funny
<Grifter> fight the power
<Grifter> for $85/hr they can tell us we fuck little boys the whole time we're working for all I care
<dedhed> Excellent point
<Grifter> hurry up

<Olds> shiiiite
<Olds> didn't get the Hill AFB military scholarship
<com4> they probably gave it to some warmonger
<Olds> 4 girls got it
<com4> warmongers

<dedhed_> Since when do you need to be a homo to have sex with men, though?

06:31 <+LEGIT> anyone their
06:32 * veruus is back (gone 07:38:37)
06:32 <+LEGIT> ?
06:33 <@@veruus> there
06:33 <@@veruus> not their
06:33 <@@veruus> fuckwit
06:33 <+LEGIT> umm,
06:34 <+LEGIT> what up
06:34 <@@veruus> nothing
06:35 <@@veruus> I'm awake and now I'm going to work
06:35 <@@veruus> don't chew on anything while I'm gone
06:36 * veruus is away: work
06:39 <+LEGIT> work this early must hit like Hell
06:40 <+LEGIT> bite like hell

<com4_> i guarentee my job is more fucked up than all your jobs combined :P
<SigningiS> it's not as bad as that guy who masturbates turkeys

<dedhed_> Well, Oddly enough
<dedhed_> The Lawn is mowed
<dedhed_> I'm so confused
<dedhed_> Cause it wasn't mowed last night when I left
<dedhed_> and it was dark
<dedhed_> So either some sort of benevolent "Night Fairy" mowed the lawn
<dedhed_> or something strange is going on
<dedhed_> actually, now that I think about it
<dedhed_> It's more likely a Lawn Fairy
<dedhed_> Because I think it's assumed that fairies operate at night
<com4_> i think it would be gnomes over a fairy
<dedhed_> you think?
<com4_> i don't see a fairy mowing a lawn
<com4_> a gnome on the other hand
<dedhed_> Would they then be Night Gnomes, or Lawn Gnomes?
<com4_> lawn
<dedhed_> hrmm
<dedhed_> And they hang out at Wal-Mart during the day?

<Grifter`> i need food
<Grifter`> brb
<com4_> put details in RC
<Grifter`> mcdonalds
<com4_> and topic it
<Grifter`> k
<dedhed> McDonalds for breakfast
<dedhed> mcdonalds for lunch
<dedhed> That grifter
<dedhed> He's going to have a McHeartattack
<proto_> Is that a new sammich?
<dedhed> Yes

<com4_> what the hell
<com4_> i'm talking to my girlfriend
<com4_> and she's calling me a lurker
<com4_> i didn't even know she knew what that was

<gibba> eco: any complaints about your droid so far?
<eco> There isn't a place to stick my penis.

<ManicV> hex? is that shit still around?

<veruus> !8 sandwiches or beer?
<Willow> veruus: sandwiches
<veruus> noooooooooo....
<nUtZ`> something is wrong with Willow.... beer > sandwiches
<veruus> !8 sandwiches or beer?
<Willow> veruus: sandwiches
<veruus> damn you Willow!!
<veruus> !8 beer or beer?
<Willow> veruus: beer
<veruus> kickass
<nUtZ`> lol

<veruus> :o
<ManicV> shut the hole under your nose
<veruus> :|
<ManicV> that's better